Back to the rock

As some of you may know, I’m a Newfoundlander.
I was born and breed on The Rock, as we like to call it and move to Montreal two years ago.

From time to time I love to pop back to the island and visit some of my favorite people and that’s what I got to do a few weeks ago. While Newfoundlands weather isn’t the past on a good day visiting in early march really didn’t do me any favors.

I had the absolute pleasure of flying in on west jets smallest plane into a snowstorm. It was a bit of a rocky ride but I’m still here to type the tale so it all worked out. My parents kept informing me that up to my arrival the weather was wonderful, not sure I believe this. After all, there are 3 things about Newfoundland I have always been certain of:
1.The people are amazing and friendly
2.The landscape is beautiful
3.The weather most of the time is dreadful, we call it RDF (rain, drizzle, fog) for a reason.

Since I have only been home for Christmas in the last 2 years. It was time to explore some of this lovely little island I call home.

Unfortunately,  the weather didn’t agree with my snap happy self. The fog seemed to roll in every time I took out my camera. But I didn’t give up I still tried to grab a few cute snaps and explored a few new places to grab a bite and a cup of coffee.

One thing I’ve always loved about St.John’s is our devotion to keeping historical charm in our downtown core. Wondering what I mean? Look no further than jelly bean lane, our beautifully colored townhouses. While this isn’t the type of home most people in Newfoundland grew up in. I love that our downtown is still littered with them.

I also noticed that one of my favorite little Irish bars had a facelift while I was away. The Celtic Hearth is a great pub to grab a pint and listen to some live music if your in downtown St.John’s.

While Downtown I decided to head up to Signal Hill. This spot is usually a beautiful look-out showing the city on one side and the ocean and cliffs on the other. With a view of cape spear in the distance. But, I was surrounded by… you guessed it fog. For a better view, I suggest going in the summer.

Overall, it was a lovely trip home. I bought two great new pairs of knit socks! Saw family and friends and had my feed of toutons, fresh rolls, and iceberg beer.

Cheers NL, I’ll be back soon.


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