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    What a Wonderful World

    What a Wonderful World

    Because we dare, Kurtis can soak up the forest air. The scent of the sap. The sounds of the wind. Embracing the magnificence of it all.

    Kurtis McIntyre is a student who loves nature and plans to become a wildlife officer. He spends his free time, winter and summer, in the boreal forest. He’s got a big heart, one that beats fastest when he’s outdoors. He has much in common with Dr. Ian Warkentin of Memorial’s Grenfell Campus.

    Dr. Warkentin is part of a team of researchers calling for the immediate preservation of boreal forests, which comprise about one-third of the world’s forested area – and a third of its stored carbon. With rising demands in forestry, mining and urban development, these resources are now at risk of depletion. The researchers urge governments, other scientists and policy-makers to take action. They’re calling for better management and greater protection of unspoiled regions.

    “I’ve met Dr. Warkentin and know how passionate he is about boreal forests,” said Kurtis. “It’s hard to imagine that something so massive could be at risk, but this is a cause that we all need to get behind.”

    Dr. Warkentin’s passion is inspirational to people like Kurtis.

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