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    Amazing Grace

    Amazing Grace

    Because we dare, Jackie can inspire others. Overcome bullying. Discover confidence. Rise above.

    Jackie Squire was bullied as a child because of a disability that later prevented her from working. However, she used her imagination and artistic skills to create a children’s book about bullying, produced on a photocopier with assistance from her local church.

    Enter Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) Memorial, who recognized the potential of the book and the importance of Jackie’s own story.

    SIFE, who has won world championships in entrepreneurship and innovation, is a student-run group that helps aspiring entrepreneurs develop their business ventures. They worked with Jackie to professionalize her book by editing text and revamping the layout, found sponsors to cover printing costs and launched a marketing campaign. SIFE even organized a school tour, and convinced the shy author that she could take on public speaking.

    “I went to school years ago and people were saying bad, negative things about me,” Jackie said. “And here, at my book launch, people were clapping for me, shaking my hand, telling me how good I was.”

    Jackie Squire has made huge changes in her life and, with the help of SIFE, she is motivating others to do the same.

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